BYU Women's Chorus

The BYU Women’s Chorus has always been known for their beautiful sound and impressive repertoire; however, their concerts were a little stale. That all changed when Jean Applonie, director of the Women’s Chorus, approached the Laycock Center with an idea to spice up their Winter Concert.

The collaboration resulted in “A Feast for the Senses”. The concert offered an empirical adventure where audience members could see, hear, and feel the music in a whole new way. Some songs in foreign languages were translated and transformed into animated works of art. A music video was made to tell the story of a poor wayfaring stranger, and music by the Beatles with glowsticks helped the audience add their own pizzazz to the music.

The concert was a sold-out success. It created buzz in the college and on-line with social media. The Laycock Center continues to work with the Women’s Chorus to help bring their talent to new levels.