BYU Virtual Campus Tour

Near the beginning of 2013, Xplorit, a company from California, approached the Laycock Center with a project proposal—create a 360-degree, virtual tour of Brigham Young University’s campus.

The project kicked off in May and wrapped up in October. In the six-month project, students from the Communications, Theatre and Media Arts, Information Technology, and Music departments collaborated to photograph, edit, and piece together 73 hubs with over 100 transitions.

Viewers can view a packed BYU football stadium from the 50-yard line, see the bell-tower organ, and stand among the stars on the stages of the Harris Fine Arts Center. Want a more in-depth experience? Click on the icons in each hub to read historical information, student advice, and even discover hidden items around campus to unlock prizes.

Like any adventure, first-hand experience is always best. Start yours here.

xplorit screen shot byu bowling center byu performing arts pirates byu the wall panoramic