Just how loyal are you?

Last month, Hyundai challenged 25 schools to propose a five-minute film showcasing their school’s loyalty. We know there are Cougar fans across the globe, so we decided to let the fans make the movie. Hyundai liked the idea so much they gave us $10K to prove it.

Send us video footage showing where and how you bleed blue. Do you watch the game on a mini TV in Afghanistan or do you walk to the stadium in Provo? Show us. What’s your pre-game strategy? How die-hard are you during the game? Show us that too. We want it all. Just make it emotional and creative. Use whatever you have, whether it’s a cell phone or a DSLR. If you do use a phone, for the love of Taysom, please turn your phone sideways (landscape), as vertical footage will not be used.

Using your footage, we will prove to Hyundai that our fans are the most widespread, loyal fans in the world. Let’s do this!

Know of any other cougar fans, local or abroad? Help them get featured too, and spread the word!

Send us your footage.

Here's what to do:

  • Wherever you live, go somewhere that shows it (i.e. London at Big Ben)
  • Wear your BYU gear
  • Look into the camera, say your name, where you are and where you're from, and end with "Go Cougars!"
  • Film yourself in a crazy touchdown celebration
  • Whatever else you want. Wave a flag. Sing the fight song. Do something to make the world know BYU fans are the most loyal kind.
Upload Here